March 12, 2012

Check it out!

This is the introduction to the blog!  I am pretty excited.  I spent some time designing the blog (this design is 1.0, I am sure there will be many more!), then I waited patiently while my wonderful husband created the blog from my design.  After the blog was ready, I spent some time thinking about this very post (for some reason this first post seems so intimidating).  Once I thought I knew what I wanted to say my blog got hacked.  Sad face.  So I patiently waited again for the blog to be built.  So that’s where I am.

Why do I want to blog?  We just bought our first house (woohoo) and I want to document EVERYTHING!  This house is very much a fixer upper and we will be renovating on a budget.  I hope that in sharing how we get projects done it will help others tackle projects as well.

Here is to the first intimidating post being done!  I will post again tonight or tomorrow with specifics about our house.

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