April 4, 2012

Compost Facts

So, now that I have made my compost bin, I needed to do some research to know exactly how to use it.  These were some of my questions and the answers I found:

What is compost?

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed

What is in compost?

Compost is made of four things:

  1. Brown materials (carbon): are needed for energy and produces heat.
  2. Green materials (nitrogen): are a source for compost microbes, helping to speed up the process of decomposition.
  3. Oxygen: for oxidizing the carbon, the decomposition process. (Don’t squish materials that you add to your compost, this will makes less room for the air that is needed.)
  4. Water: in the right amounts to maintain activity without causing anaerobic conditions. (The compost should always be damp, like a wrung out sponge.)
What can be composted?
  • Brown Materials (carbon)
    • cardboard
    • newspaper
    • paper
    • cardboard tubes
    • dryer lint
    • paper egg cartons
    • pine needles and pine cones
  • Green Materials (nitrogen)
    • grass clippings
    • weeds and plants
    • yard clippings
    • leaves
    • vegetable and fruit scraps
    • tea bags and tea leaves
    • coffee grounds
  • Other materials that can be composted:
    • egg shells
    • old herbs and spices
    • stale cereal
    • stale bread
    • cotton
    • wool
When is compost done?

Finished compost will look like soil. You should no longer be able to recognize what you have put into your bin.

How to use compost?

You can use compost in gardens, in containers, and in starting seeds.


Research was done here, here, here, and here.

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